What do Climate Leaders Wish for the New Year? 

Posted on December 29, 2023

Read on…and including one BIG WISH for the World—from MD’s 8th District Congressman 

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Washington, DC–12/29/2023 – As 2023 slides into the past, we’re all hoping for great things in the new year. Here is what climate leaders, including Maryland Congressman Jamie Raskin, wish for the Planet and all of us in the New Year!

Congressman Jamie Raskin: (MD-08) “Around 20% of carbon emissions come from agriculture, primarily livestock production. My wish for Sustainable Earth Eating in 2024 is that the whole world will go vegetarian together for one day, to show we can do it and to talk about unifying the peoples and nations of the world around rescue of our species from the climate emergency through multiple aggressive tactics of carbon emission reduction.” (a vegetarian)

Dr. David E. Blockstein, SEE Advisory Board member, Co-Director, Worldwide Climate and Justice Education Week, reaching more than 100,000 students in 70 countries

“Wishing us all a year of health, love, peace, nature, climate moderation, justice, democracy and electoral sanity!”

Sailesh Rao, Founder and Executive Director, Climate Healers and Advisory Board member, Sustainable Earth Eating

“May all our efforts be fruitful beyond our wildest dreams in the New Year!”

Eric C Lindstrom, SEE Advisory Board member, Executive Director Farm Animal Rights Movement

“When I made a resolution to go vegan 11 years ago, little did I know the positive impact it would have on my life. A shared vegan future is better for human health, the planet, and the animals and the continued commitment of organizations dedicated to taking animals off of plates will usher in more dynamic change moving forward.”

Edgar Ndjatou, SEE President, Executive Director Workplace Fairness

“It is always a good strategy to bring new ideas to youth because they are naturally more curious and receptive to new ways of thinking. And they will soon be the stewards of our planet and need to make important decisions on how to best deal with climate change policy. This will include examining how diets affect climate change.”

Deborah McElroy, SEE Board member and officer, former Association executive and federal government employee at the International Trade Commission.

“Never forget that small changes can make a big difference! Commit to eating a few meatless meals each week in 2024 to reduce climate change, help the planet and improve your health.”

Deborah Strauss Lynch, SEE Board member, and noted journalist and former editor of academic food/agricultural journal, “Diversity“

“I wish for snow in a crystal-clear winter and glorious sun and calm seas in the summer. Remember how it was when the world made sense?”

Dr. Ann Schnare, SEE Board member, and former mortgage finance exec and consultant

“I wish for a world where my delicious meals help to ensure our planet survives…”

Andrea Mones, SEE Board member, architect/ former Senior Exec with Government Services Administration, Professional Associate, American Institute for Conservation

“I wish for a year filled with ‘new mistakes because if we are making new mistakes, we are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing ourselves, changing ourselves, and changing the world.’” (quoting Neil Gaiman)

Jane DeMarines, SEE Executive Director, former banker, and association executive.

“Let’s be aware of how we contribute to climate change and take responsibility for our own actions.”

Andrew Hellerstein, volunteer writer, federal contractor with the CDC

“What I wish for in the New Year is a lab-grown hamburger!”

SEE Executive Director DeMarines said, “Let’s all work together in 2024 to make these climate wishes come true—and let’s take Congressman Raskin up on his suggestion!” 


Sustainable Earth Eating was founded in 2021 to create awareness of the role that diet choices play on climate impacts.   www.sustainableeartheating.org


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