Posted on March 24, 2022

Climate change reaches across all fields for answers

Today we provide interview summary of Dr. Neal Barnard, President & Founder of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, a group dedicated to using plant/medical research to treat humans.

Barnard says “Plant based” eating aids human and planet survival ”everyone  has power to help sustain the planet”

3/22/22Washington, DC— All of us who are concerned about the problems associated with unsustainable eating and cattle agriculture — cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, climate change, animal suffering — have the power to turn that around, according to Dr. Neal Barnard, CEO and founder of Physicians for Responsible Medicine, an organization that promotes plant based eating as hugely important for people’s nutrition as well as sustainability of the planet.

“To the extent we embrace healthy, compassionate, environment-friendly foods, we have the power to help ourselves, each other, and — most importantly — the next generation,” Dr. Barnard says.

The long-time vegan describes his grandfather and father, North Dakota cattle ranchers, as “honest, good people in a good business” who eventually found themselves in a similar situation as the tobacco farmers before them, involved in a livelihood the problems of which became more and more apparent and undeniable, and that “now society is confronting and has to confront.”

His own vegan origin story goes back to his pre-medical school days when, as an autopsy assistant at a hospital in Minneapolis, helping examine a patient who had died of a massive heart attack, when he touched a coronary artery “It felt like concrete,” Barnard said. “That’s atherosclerosis,” the pathologist said. “That’s your bacon, that’s your eggs that does that.”

After placing the patient’s ribs back on, he went to lunch in the cafeteria, where the sight and smell of ribs reminded him of that patient. He couldn’t eat that and, in the coming time, became vegetarian.

For full video interview, go to, News and click on Dr. Barnard interview.

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