Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities 2024

Posted on February 4, 2024

Looking for vegan-friendly travel destinations? Thanks to HappyCow, a website and app that maintains a database of vegetarian and vegan restaurants around the world, we now have a list of the top 10 vegan-friendly cities in 2024! Although it can still be hard to find vegan choices in some places, these cities are all fantastic for vegan foodies.

10.  Lisbon
Lisbon has the highest density of vegan food choices within its city center, making it easy for vegan visitors to find a meal. Within this area, Lisbon has 37 all-vegan restaurants, 74 vegan businesses, and 525 vegan-friendly businesses listed on HappyCow.

9. Bangkok
With recent increases in plant-based options, Bangkok has become an incredible city for vegans. There are now 145 vegan businesses (including non-restaurant business types) and 588 vegan-friendly listings in Bangkok on HappyCow.

8. Paris
With 90 all-vegan restaurants, 160 vegan businesses including restaurants, and 1,010 listings on HappyCow within the city center, Paris is a fine city for vegan travelers!

7. Los Angeles
Although HappyCow reported a recent decrease in vegan friendly options in the city of angels, it remains a strong vegan destination. Central LA currently boasts 61 fully vegan restaurants, 145 vegan businesses of various types, and 652 vegan-friendly listings in total.

6. Portland
With 53 all-vegan restaurants, 102 vegan businesses, and 574 listings on HappyCow within the city center, this city is key vegan hub in the United States. In relation to its population, it has the highest density of vegan establishments.

5. Hamburg
Despite its name, Hamburg, is no slouch when it comes to vegan choices, with 56 all-vegan restaurants, 99 vegan businesses, and 1,009 listings on HappyCow within the city center.

4. Amsterdam
Amsterdam has a wealth of vegan restaurants, with 67 in the city center. It also has 107 fully vegan establishments and a total of 802 business listings on HappyCow.

3. Barcelona
After watching an exciting game of fútbol (a.k.a., soccer), you can enjoy one of Barcelona’s 58 fully vegan restaurants. The city has a total of 116 vegan businesses (including restaurants), and 894 vegan-friendly listings on HappyCow!

2. Berlin
Berliners undoubtedly love vegan food! Berlin’s city center currently has 124 vegan restaurants. The city contains 209 fully vegan establishments (including restaurants) and 1,656 listings in the city on HappyCow.

1. London
London is by far the most vegan-friendly city in the world! Central London has 161 fully vegan restaurants, more than 350 fully vegan establishments (including but not limited to restaurants), and 1,997 listings in total on HappyCow!

For more info on HappyCow’s list, check their website here:


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