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Posted on September 8, 2022

Alarming news on sea level rise

Sea level rise of almost a foot is already baked in, according to a scientific study reported in the journal Nature Climate Change, and far greater sea level rise is likely. The study was based on satellite data of ice losses from Greenland alone, and points to a 27 centimeter rise in
sea levels regardless of climate change mitigation strategies humanity may undertake, according to reporting in The Guardian. That prospect only underscores the urgency of combating global warming before the level of sea rise reaches catastrophic levels.

Trees under stress

Increasing the number of trees on earth has been proposed as a vital strategy to draw down more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Unfortunately, as the Washington Post reports, about 100 species of trees in the U.S. face extinction. Trees are threatened by climate-related disasters such as wildfire, drought, and flood, as well as by fungal infections and invasive insects that may capitalize on climate disruptions.

Carbon trading helps replace animal ag

Sheep and cattle ranches across New Zealand are being converted to timber forests, propelled by a carbon trading system that makes forestry more profitable than ranching, as the New York Times explains.

Rep. Raskin Praises SEE

In July, Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) and 31 other House members urged the White House to ensure that all federal facilities offer vegetarian entrees wherever they serve meals. In August, Congressman Raskin singled out the work of Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE) in promoting a healthy plant-based diet to both advance human health and to protect the planet: “I want to extend my thanks to Sustainable Earth Eating for supporting our efforts to expand vegetarian options at all federal facilities,” said Rep. Raskin. “This simple step will help our government combat climate change—a substantial percentage of which is caused by the animal meat industry and livestock agriculture—while providing federal workers, prisoners and guests with a nutritious vegetarian meal option.”

The Inflation Reduction Act combats climate change

Reacting to the passage of the INFLATION REDUCTION ACT, Sustainable Earth Eating issued this statement: “We applaud President Biden and the Democratic Congress for their work in passing an historic bill with historic funding for provisions to reduce climate change, particularly in fossil fuel reduction.” At the same time, it’s important to note that the bill does nothing to reduce emissions from animal agriculture. To get the most value in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we need to be aware of this impact: The Boston Consulting Group has calculated that every $1 invested in plant-based meat reduces seven times more emissions than $1 invested in green building, and 11 times more than zero-emission cars.

Health transformation, then vegan advocate

Fabricio Zambrano went to see his doctor one day in 2013. At 5’8”, “Fab,” as his friends call him, weighed 300 lbs., and was on medication for Type 2 Diabetes. He also took blood thinners, painkillers, and medication for high blood pressure. A few years earlier, he had suffered a mild heart attack. He had been obese for twenty-five years, and knew instinctively that he wouldn’t have many more years unless he did something about his health.His doctor told him, “Take your medications. You’re going to be a diabetic for the rest of your life.” He went home determined to prove her wrong. He Googled, “How to control Diabetes Type 2. He started watching a lot of YouTube videos on the subject, and came across a lot of medical professionals and others touting the plant-based diet.

A successful entrepreneur in the marble business, Fab does things in a measured way. He cut animal foods out of his diet, one-by-one. The first thing he gave up was dairy. A few months later, he cut out pork. He replaced these foods with more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Next to go was red meat, then fish, then shellfish, then chicken—always replacing the animal foods with more plant foods. He was losing weight along the way, and got himself down to 190 pounds in less than a year. He often went to the gym twice a day.

By the time he attained the weight of 190, he had just one animal food left in his diet: eggs. He thought he needed them for the protein. He then attended a talk by Dr. Joel Fuhrman in Atlanta, and learned that eggs were doing him far more harm than good. Upon returning home, he threw out the eggs in his refrigerator, eliminated them from his diet, and realized that he had unintentionally become something he never imagined he would be: a vegan.

After a couple of months as a vegan, he returned to see his doctor. She told him, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but there’s no sign of diabetes.” Today, Fabricio clocks in at 165 pounds, has gained a great deal of muscle, and is living a great life. He is off all his medications. He has been interviewed on both Spanish and English TV stations about his health transformation, and dedicates much of his time to spreading the word about plant-based nutrition, doing a lot of public speaking. He has taught himself to cook, and believes that the only thing that’s difficult about going vegan is dealing with people who are skeptical.
Fabricio Zambrano serves on SEE’s Board of Directors
“Fab the Vegan” today

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