What Congress is saying about Sustainable Earth Eating

Posted on August 25, 2022

8/25/2022-Washington, DC– On July 26, Congressman Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08) and 31 other House members urged the White House to ensure that all federal facilities offer vegetarian entrees wherever they serve meals, and today recognized a Washington-based non-profit for their support in this effort.

Prior to the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health, to be held in September, the lawmakers wrote that “More and more Americans are interested in vegetarian options—especially younger Americans, who are seeking out healthier options that also reduce their carbon footprint.” The letter encourages the federal government to make nutritious vegetarian entrees available in all federal agencies, museums, and parks, as well as in federal prisons and on military bases.

Today, Congressman Raskin singled out the work of Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE) in promoting a healthy plant-based diet to both advance human health and to protect the planet.

“I want to extend my thanks to Sustainable Earth Eating for supporting our efforts to expand vegetarian options at all federal facilities,” said Rep. Raskin. “This simple step will help our government combat climate change—a substantial percentage of which is caused by the animal meat industry and livestock agriculture—while providing federal workers, prisoners and guests with a nutritious vegetarian meal option. Years of advocacy from SEE and other organizations working to promote vegetarianism have turned a once-fringe diet into a surging national movement to protect animals and the planet. Reducing our dependence on meat is critical to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the dangers of climate change.”

SEE engages in outreach, advocacy, and educational initiatives to provide accurate information on the outsized contribution of animal agriculture to climate change, which is often under-reported or ignored by the media in the climate debate. To accomplish this, Sustainable Earth Eating engages in multiple activities to provide information to the public, including: a monthly newsletter, “Food is Climate,” a “Climate Wednesday” weekly release to media, with data on the intersection between climate and food, online cooking shows, with plant-based recipes, vegan events, interface with environmental journalists, celebrity Vegan interviews and other resources to those interested in lowering their carbon footprint are available on its website, www.sustainable earth eating.org.

Educating Students  

SEE will begin after-school programs this fall at high and middle schools of Montgomery County, Maryland, teaching plant-based nutrition and cooking classes.   

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