Rep. Raskin applauds local sustainable non-profit following efforts to get federal facilities to provide vegetarian options

Posted on August 23, 2023



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8/22/2022-Washington, DC– In July, Congressman Congressman Jamie Raskin (MD-08), and 31 House members urged the While House to encourage all federal facilities offer vegetarian entrees in their cafeterias. Today, the Congressman applauded the work of Sustainable Earth Eating, for promoting healthy plant-based diet, for health and the health of the planet. See quote below:

“I want to extend my thanks to Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE) for supporting our efforts to expand vegetarian options at all federal facilities,” said Rep. Raskin. “This simple step will help our government combat climate change—a substantial percentage of which is caused by the animal meat industry and livestock agriculture—while providing federal workers, prisoners and guests with a nutritious vegetarian meal option. Years of advocacy from SEE and other organizations working to promote vegetarianism have turned a once-fringe diet into a surging national movement to protect animals and the planet. Reducing our dependence on meat is critical to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and limiting the dangers of climate change.”

Growth in Vegetarian—1/3 of Americans are reducing meat, dairy consumption

As a former federal government employee, Sustainable Earth Eating Executive Director Jane DeMarines, and a 20-year vegan/vegetarian recognizes the benefits to Planet Earth in giving the growing population of vegetarians (surveys show 30% of population are headed there) wholesome non-meat entrees.

In addition, meat and dairy are recognized as potential contributors to heart disease and certain types of cancer, according to the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Raskin’s statement mentions both the health benefits and cutting greenhouse gas emissions that animal agriculture contributes to the environment. SEE works in multiple programs (outreach, advocacy and education to provide accurate information on both diet and climate change to people of all ages, including direct education in after school programs of high and middle schools of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Animal agriculture contributes 57% of total greenhouse gas emissions, yet only supplies 20% of needed global calories according to academic food scientists from University of Illinois (Chicago).DeMarines said she hopes President Biden will act swiftly in adopting such a powerful and healthful measure for federal cafeterias, military bases, museums and national parks. For additional information,

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