New Year’s Resolution

Posted on December 31, 2021

Make “Save the Planet” a New Year’s Resolution: Reduce your Carbon Footprint…Help save 9 million tons of carbon pollution without buying a Tesla!

New Year’s resolutions are typically geared to improving our health and self—eating less, exercising more, getting organized …steps we can take to improve our lives. “The health of the planet is everyone’s problem, according to Jane DeMarines, Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE) CEO, but it can also be everyone’s solution.” There are simple steps we can all take to improve our own health and the health of the planet…by reducing our carbon footprint, and that is to reduce our meat consumption one day per week. This would eliminate 9 million tons of carbon per day if our whole country (U.S.) did this for one month or 144 million tons of carbon reduction if continued for the year. To produce a similar carbon reduction with passenger cars, would take replacing 25 million vehicles with electric vehicles. (NRDC data)
SEE’s “MEAT DOWN” pledge. Sustainable Earth Eating’s (SEE) pledge form can affirm your commitment to limit consumption by going meat free one day per week for one month. Livestock production produces roughly 2/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. We can take small steps to reduce this damaging effect on our environment. 1 day per week.

Reduced heart disease, reduced deaths: Health benefits of consuming less meat: lowers cholesterol, reduces saturated fat in your blood, and plant-based diets reduce death from heart disease, cancer, and all-causes, according to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Climate Change Facts : Livestock & their food produce 51% of global CO2/yr. +Transportation produces 13% of all GGEs +Methane=44% of livestock GGEs =86X global warming of CO2



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