January Newsletter

Posted on January 2, 2024

COP28 Delegates Agree To ‘Transition Away’ From Planet-Warming Fossil Fuels, What climate and SEE leaders wish for in 2024, and more!

United Nations climate negotiators directed the world to transition away from planet-warming fossil fuels in a major development at COP28, according to the Associated Press, des re pite critics’ worries about loopholes. The agreement was approved without a feared floor fight and is stronger than a draft floated earlier in the week that angered several nations. But it did not call for an outright phasing out of oil, gas and coal, and it gives nations significant wiggle room in their “transition” away from those fuels. “Humanity has finally done what is long, long, long overdue,” Wopke Hoekstra, European Union commissioner for climate action, said as the COP28 summit wrapped up in Dubai. Seth Borenstein, David Keyton, Jamey Keaten and Sibi Arasu report for the Associated Press 12/13/23.

What Our Leaders Wish For In The New Year!

When Miss America or Miss Universe contestants are asked what they hope for—they invariably say “World Peace.” When we asked SEE Board members the same question, a few included that as part of their wish, but much more besides. (I’m hoping for more vegan dark chocolate myself, and a few other things!)


Calif. Prepares To Transform Sewage Into Pure Drinking Water

California plans to adopt regulations allowing for sewage to be extensively treated, transformed into pure drinking water and delivered directly to people’s taps.” Ian James reports for the Los Angeles Times 12/17/23.

Vegan Commercial to Air Before New ‘Wonka’ Movie

A vegan commercial by Eat Differently will air in movie theaters across the US before the new prequel film, Wonka according to news reports, 12/19/23.

American Climate Corps Program Advances

The White House took new steps advancing the American Climate Corps (ACC) to train the regeneration of clean energy, conservation, and climate resilience workers. Seven federal agencies – Departments of Commerce, Interior, Agriculture, Labor, Energy, EPA, and AmeriCorps—signed MOUs laying out mission, goals, and priorities.

Virtual listening sessions for ACC applicants and partners, — labor unions, educational institutions, employer partners, and state, local, and Tribal governments are planned in January. American Climate Corps page

Chords of Glory Holiday Fundraiser

A big thanks to everyone who made it to the Chords of Glory Holiday Fundraiser!  We raised enough funds that will cover healthful cooking lessons for 430 formerly homeless women & children that reside at Open Arms Housing various sites.

The United States Is Producing More Oil Than Any Country in History

As the world grapples with the existential crisis of climate change, environmental activists want President Joe Biden to phase out the oil industry, and Republicans argue he’s already doing that. Meanwhile, the surprising reality is the United States is pumping oil at a blistering pace and is on track to produce more oil than any country has in history.” Matt Egan reports for CNN 12/19/23

What leaders wish continued

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