Food Is Climate

Posted on January 25, 2022

‘Eat Plants, Live Long’ Program Tackles Minority Childhood Obesity While Teaching Earth-Sustainable Food Practices

Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE) has developed a program targeted to minority youth in the Washington District of Columbia, with a launch scheduled for late winter. The ‘Eat Plants, Live Long’ program uniquely combines good health habits for the body as well as the planet, using carbon footprint (Greenhouse gas) calculations, according to Edgar Ndjatou, SEE President. READ MORE

School Lunch Program Would Provide Plant-Based Climate-Friendly Meals

The Healthy Future Students and Earth Pilot Program Act seeks to create a pilot grant program to provide healthy, climate-friendly plant-based meals in our nation’s public schools. With 30 million students served lunch daily, the National School Lunch Program represents a crucial opportunity to mitigate food-related greenhouse emissions and environmental impacts, according to Jane DeMarines, CEO of Sustainable Earth Eating (SEE), a group aiming to reduce humanity’s dependence on resource-intensive cattle agriculture. READ MORE

SEE’s Call to Action on Climate and Health: Sign Our Petition to Congress

Help protect public lands from being used for cattle grazing at taxpayer’s expense, feed children healthier meals in public schools, and provide adequate funding for the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Institutes of Health to conduct crucial research on the benefits of a plant-based diet. READ MORE

Make a ‘Meat Down’ Pledge Toward Reducing Humanity’s Carbon Footprint

SEE’s pledge form can affirm your commitment to go meat free one day per week for one month. Livestock production produces roughly two-thirds of all greenhouse gas emissions globally. We can take small steps to reduce this damaging effect on our environment. READ MORE

Note: Editors: Jane DeMarines, L.A.Frank
“Food Is Climate takes its name from the lauded book of the same name by Glen Merzer. It was distributed at COP 26 in Glasgow where I obtained it. We highly recommend this slim volume as the most incisive and accurate view of the climate crisis that we’ve found. Available at Amazon.

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