Hollywood Screenwriter Joins SEE Staff

Posted on July 8, 2022

Within the plant-based universe trying to get attention to the huge impact of animal agriculture and meat and dairy on the world’s climate, Glen Merzer, FOOD IS CLIMATE author and Hollywood screenwriter, stands on one of the top stairs. Now joining  Washington, DC based Sustainable Earth Eating, he is poised to bring more attention to a sometimes fractious lack of unanimity on meat and dairy eaters impact on climate change.

Sustainable Earth Eating’s Executive Director Jane DeMarines, a former expert and writer on climate disasters said “We are thrilled to have someone with Glen’s knowledge and experience working with Hollywood joining us at Sustainable Earth Eating. Glen comes to us with credentials and an activist’s commitment to earth’s preservation.”

As the author or co-author of a dozen books advocating the plant-based diet, Glen has a lot to say about our climate present and future and the fear he feels from lack of action. 

“With the future of civilization hanging in the balance, we should at very least be told the truth about climate change. Its leading cause–the leading contributor of greenhouse gases–is animal agriculture

Animal Agriculture: Social issue as well as Climate Issue

Numerous studies report that animal agriculture uses 80% of all global agricultural land, yet only produces 20 % of calories needed to feed earth’s population. DeMarines said, “It is just a hugely inefficient use of earth’s resources, and people are starving in poorer nations who could be fed. It’s an equity issue as well as a climate issue.”

Merzer says. “We certainly need to wean ourselves off fossil fuels as much as possible, but we will have some leeway if we first focus our attention on the leading cause of deforestation, soil degradation, desertification, biodiversity loss, and climate change–and that is animal agriculture. I look forward to working with Sustainable Earth Eating to help bring that message to the public.”

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