Food Climate advocates Speak out on Climate legislation.

Posted on August 17, 2022

Food/Climate advocates speak out on animal agriculture’s negative impact on the environment 

Sustainable Earth Eating: “We applaud President Biden and the Democratic Congress for their work in passing an historic bill with historic funding for provisions to reduce climate change, particularly in fossil fuel reduction.

However, it is well established by multiple research reports that the meat industry contributes massive amounts to warming our planet, from the amount of resources it takes: water, land for grazing and huge amounts of food needed for livestock.  To get the most value in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, we need to be aware of this impact (from Boston Consulting group):

They have calculated that every $1 invested in plant-based meat reduces seven times more emissions than $1 invested in green building, and 11 times more than zero-emission cars. According to Sustainable Earth Eating Jane DeMarines, “In fact, if the country were to give up meat, just one day per week, and continued it for one year, it would be equal to the impact of taking 25 million gas-fueled cars off the roads.” (SEE calculated from Nat Resources Defense Council data.) Jane DeMarines, Executive Director, Sustainable Earth Eating.

Other Climate leaders speak out:

Dr. Sailesh Rao, President of Climate Healers: “While the intention of this bill is commendable, I encourage the Biden administration to honestly address animal agriculture, the single greatest destroyer of our beautiful planet. At all times, we must do what is necessary, not just what is possible.”

Eric Lindstrom, Executive Director, FARM Animal Rights Movement: In the discussion about the global climate crisis, there always remains an overlooked aspect that needs to be addressed: animal agriculture. While any efforts to slow climate change will make a difference in our shared future, addressing the massive impact of breeding and raising animals for food cannot be ignored. mission to promote awareness of diet choice on the environment through education, advocacy and awareness., Climate Healers is focused on promoting a New Story of human belonging in Nature and a New phase of humanity as we evolve to a Vegan World by Founded in 1976, Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM) is a national nonprofit organization advocating for animal rights, veganism and sustainability. ###

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