Take our Earth Day Quiz… and win a plant-based cook book!

Posted on April 12, 2023

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Win a Plant-based cookbook by taking
SEE’s Climate Quiz

Are you an avid science news junkie and concerned about Planet Earth’s future—if so, you are just
who we are looking for to take Sustainable Earth Eating’s Earth Day Quiz!

With just 7 Questions, test your knowledge on how humans are changing our
planet’s environment and creating changes in how we live.

SEE will publish the answers after we award 5 winners. Our Beginner’s Plant-based Cookbook will be mailed to you.

A lot has happened to Earth in the last 20 years—and as we know, it is not good news, but
the cross we bear as we try to reverse or contain human’s impact on our planet before the
point of no return. We’d also love to hear from you and what you are doing to halt your
impact on the planet.

Thanks for participating!
Jane DeMarines, SEE Exec Director

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