Climate Diet “Beefs Off” at V-COP Conference

Posted on May 9, 2024

Climate Diet CEO Jane DeMarines joined Plant-based Chef Erin DeMarines for Dr. Sailesh Rao’s Quarterly V-COP conferences on climate on April 28th by Zoom. (Rao is CEO of Climate Healers,  Phoenix). The two DeMarines’ teamed up first laying-out disturbing climate records being set (see below) while the younger DeMarines addressed solutions available to all of us—the act of changing our diet, at least partially to plant-based to reduce the huge greenhouse gas emissions that come from animal agriculture, particular beef, which lead the food pollution chain. (SEE Table: “FOOD: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Across Supply Chain” below) Red meat emissions rank nearly 50 times greater than the vegetables and fruit at the bottom of the rankings.

DeMarines further highlighted the records being set for high temperatures, world-wide deforestation, most related to cattle grazing, or growing food for cattle. These included:

  • 2023 was a record year for highest temperatures
  • Record hot oceans–possibility of disrupting the Gulf Stream current that controls much of our current climate/seasons
  • Record deforestation—land razed for cattle farming, Brazil especially
  • Limited awareness of carbon and methane emissions caused by food choice
  • Beef highest pollutant.

 She cited other data including:

  • About 78% of global salt and freshwater pollution is caused by agriculture.
  • Meat production accounts for nearly 3 times global greenhouse gas emissions – 57% vs. 29% – than plant-based food production
  • 95% of global deforestation occurs in the tropics. Brazil and Indonesia account for almost half.
  • World hits 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming,  scientists report.

More on Deforestation:

  • Global Forest Loss – Globally, it’s estimated that around 10 million hectares (25 million acres) of forest are lost each year. This is attributed to logging, agriculture expansion, and infrastructure development.
  •  Highest 1. India -38%, 2. Israel 13%, 3. Taiwan-12%, 4. Italy: 10%, 5. Austria: 9%, 6. Germany-9%, 7.U.k. 9% 8. Brazil 8% U.S. 8% 9. Ireland 6% 10. Australia: 5%

Plant-based chef from Tampa, Fl, Erin DeMarines followed up with a cooking demo for the audience by zoom, making plant-based chocoloate peanut butter “bites,” which are healthy, made without sugar, and are about 75 calories each. She said, she cooks this way,” because there is no Planet B, and I want to do my part, but also want to motivate others, to use the tools they have to tamp down on climate change through changes they can make, like their diet.

Besides, her appearance with Bloom TV and other Tampa-based television, chef DeMarines also consults with Tampa area restaurants to help create plant-based menus for the increasing appetites for this food.

Climate Healers Talks about VCOP Conference

Also, Climate Healer moderator for this segment, Rebecca Allen, pictured below, had this to say about the sessions: V-COP17 had the most attendees ever (of their 17 Convergences: 100+!! Other notes from Rebecca:

People were inspired and excited about the gaming possibilities for helping to solve our planet’s challenges.

Both Food sessions were informative and one could almost taste the treats! 

Quotes from the chat: “Very inspiring” and “Thank you to all the amazing presenters today!!”

Quote from my sister Dr. Barbara Coldiron, “Erin said she had a dressing with only three ingredients and I thought to myself, “Oh, I can do that” so I jotted it down”

Also, she saw three sessions and was so fascinated with some of the information she shared with her friend at dinner that evening.

For me, the whole convergence was the emphasis needed to inspire changes we need to make!

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