CBS News interviews Climate Diet CEO at World Environment Day Festival

Posted on June 8, 2024

Getting the word out, always on the “to do” list of Climate Diet CEO Jane DeMarines, was helped with CBS affiliate WUSA TV interview at Sunday’s World Environment Day Festival. Climate Diet was one of 3 sponsors of the large event that welcomed as many as 5,000 Washingtonians at the nearly all-day festival, led by FARM Animal Rights Movement, and with Physicians Comm for Responsible Medicine. Nearly 70 vendors supplied food, and many speakers talked of “Sustainability” issues, including DeMarines, who provided data and eco-news to the audience.

DeMarines said, “Things are no longer normal. Ocean temperatures are so high, scientists think they may disrupt the Gulf Stream, which would disrupt seasons and weather patterns. Deforestation mainly from cattle grazing and raising food for cattle is also alarming with Brazil reporting more than 5,000 sq miles were razed in 2020.

San Diego, Denmark and Netherlands Ban Meat Ads

DeMarines provided some good news: San Diego, the Netherlands and Denmark are all banning meat ads because of the huge environmental impact from livestock production worldwide.

India Scores Highest for Vegetarians Worldwide at 42%

DeMarines also noted “Vegetarian rates globally with India scoring highest at 42% of their population, the U.S at 8% and Australia at 9%. DeMarines also noted an alarming statistic from the World Health Organization: 9% of children under 5 were overweight. (2020) She noted that vegetarianism often helps people lose weight, because of focus on eating fewer processed foods which tend to be fattening and addictive.

DeMarines thanked the many vegan and vegetarians in the audience for their part in reducing climate change by reducing meat consumption.

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