A Vegan World will Need to Adjust Food Security, Economics approaches, and more

Posted on April 2, 2023

While shifting to a vegan world is preferable for many reasons, it’s important for advocates to consider certain issues that may arise in the process, Narges Kalantari, a Ph.D. student at the University of Montreal, says in “How Might Global Veganism Impact Society?”  This review of a 2022 study raised concerns but affirmed the superiority of plant- over animal-based farming in many respects including climate change.

 “Future agricultural policies need to consider food security, environmental impacts, and farmers’ incomes, among other challenges,”

Kalantari says. The study’s authors pointed out that in many developing countries, animal farming based on grazing is the main source of food security and income. They also suggested that eliminating meat worldwide would reduce greenhouse gasses by 49%. Kalantari says a fully plant-based food system must ensure that all communities have equitable access to necessary nutritional supplements. (Source: Washington Post)

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